All You Have to Do Is Ask

In addition to CITC’s well known services and programs, participants sometimes find help in surprising places Ed Savage has always loved the art of problem-solving. It’s one of the things that attracted him to construction work. But when he fell … More

Passing the Torch

Howard Sparrow knows the importance of passing the torch. “It’s good to see more youthful participants are getting into judging.” More

Rural Human Services Celebrates Graduating Class of 18

Program prepares students to provide village-based counseling, crisis intervention, and more On March 25, 18 students celebrated completion of the three-year Rural Human Services (RHS) Program, a two-year, 34-college credit academic program offered through the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Four … More

Join the NYO Team: Give Today!

Make a donation to support teamwork and leadership among Alaska’s youth Teamwork, leadership, cross-cultural understanding, and respect: These are the values that make strong communities and build tomorrow’s leaders; these are the values instilled and celebrated by NYO Games. And … More

The Team Behind the Scenes

Volunteers come back year after year to keep things running smoothly at NYO If you’re familiar with NYO, you probably know that this annual event draws about 500 students from 100 communities across Alaska for three days of friendly competition … More