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Child Care Assistance

The Child Care Assistance program provides financial assistance to Alaska Native and Native American families in need of daycare services for children under the age of 13, while parents are engaged in employment, training or educational activities.


Parents must be employed a minimum of 20 hours per week, or attending a college/university or vocational training at least half-time, as defined by the institution’s enrollment criteria.

Parents may receive assistance for up to one month for job-search purposes.

Alaska Native or American Indian families or individuals having income eligibility as determined by a sliding-fee scale using household income for the last 30 days.

Please contact Shirley Ekstrom (907) 793-3307, or email childcare@citci.org for additional eligibility details.

Child Care Billing Report Form with Sample

Income Guidelines

Number of people living in the household, and maximum gross income during the past 30 days:
2 – $4,262
3 – $4,794
4 – $5,325
5 – $5,756
6 – $6,182
7 – $6,606
8 – $7,031