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Why NYO Matters

NYO_TonyR_sealskin-ballNYO Games Alaska is a year-round program that has a quantifiable positive impact on more than 2,000 youth each year.

NYO influences our young people to improve academic performance, strengthen overall health and well-being, and instills important values, including leadership and respect—values that make strong communities and build tomorrow’s leaders.

A survey emphasizing NYO’s impact was completed by 382 NYO athletes in grades 7-12 who competed in the 2013 Games. Here’s what we learned:

  • 77% credited NYO as an incentive to stay in school 
  • 75% improved or kept up their grades in order to continue participation in NYO Games 
  • 63% indicated improved self-confidence
  • 54% indicated improved leadership and self-esteem
  • 41% reported improved overall health
  • 34% indicated a greater sense of well-being
  • 83% see themselves as role-models for future NYO athletes 
  • 88% learned about Alaska Native culture and values 
  • 94% developed new friendships with other athletes, coaches and teachers 
  • 12% stopped using tobacco products
  •   6% stopped using alcohol
  •   6% stopped using illegal substances
  • 145 athletes indicating they practice at least 7–10 hours per week

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Thank you, to all our NYO partners and donors … your investment builds tomorrow’s leaders!