A Place to Succeed

While trying to describe how CITC programs like Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation have affected his life, John Rogers stumbles upon the perfect tagline for the organization: “This is a place where people succeed.” More

Growing Interns, Building Partners

CITC’s Summer Internship Partner Program was built on CITC’s connections with new and existing partners. Now in its second year, the program has expanded opportunities for developing Alaska Native professionals. More

Partnership Is the Key

It’s the catalyst that makes CITC’s mission possible. It’s the piece of the puzzle that connects people to their potential. And Kayla Mike’s story is emblematic of how CITC’s partnerships work. More

Bringing the “Fab” to Utqiagvik

Meet the Mini Fab Lab, a compact, semi-portable version of CITC’s Fabrication Laboratory, located in Utqiagvik, that enables North Slope Borough School District teachers to share previously out-of-reach STEM education with their students. More

A New Start

Tina Roberson can’t contain her enthusiasm when she talks about working as the Alaska Native Justice Center’s (ANJC) administrative assistant. She’s got good reason to be thrilled: With a helping hand from Cook Inlet Tribal Council and ANJC, Tina completely re-made her life. More

Creating Careers

“It’s not just about landing a job, but building a career.” Viola Smith came on board with CITC earlier this year for one purpose: to develop partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and corporations that would lead to full-time, permanent jobs for CITC participants. More