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ETC Detoxification Services

Through a partnership with the state Department of Health and Social Services, the Ernie Turner Center (ETC) currently offers medical and social detoxification services through a residential treatment program in a 12-bed detoxification unit. Participants receive support from other CITC programs and services, including volunteer and work therapy opportunities.

During medical detoxification, participants will first be stabilized, then as withdrawal symptoms ease, will have the resources and support to improve their life skills while enhancing overall quality of life. Participants will be referred to additional services as appropriate.

Social detoxification involves having an alcohol assessment completed, attending daily groups, and having access to a case manager who can assist participants with making referrals to other appropriate services.


The detoxification program accepts any individual seeking detox services. Please call the Ernie Turner Center at (907) 550-2400 for additional details.