iPads, Apps Make Effective Teaching Tools

Want to find new ways to connect with your children and motivate them to learn? Digital games are now an effective tool in our educational strategy in helping students achieve academic success.

Modeled after a national program promoting literacy development with children through electronic medium, CITC has launched an exciting new program—Parent Partners & Children in Community (P2C2)—that provides parents with opportunities to interact with their children by using iPads loaded with a variety of educational-based applications.

Developing childhood literacy though educational games while helping parents better connect with their children is the primary focus of the workshops.

“Promoting interaction and coaching parents in activities that allow them to spend more time with their kids—that’s the underlying impact we’re having with this,” said program manager Eric Watson.

“Even though the ultimate goal is to help with literacy attainment and development, the heart of this program is really about the parent-child interaction.”

As a hands-on workshop, CITC provides the space, tools and guidance for the classes, but the parents and children are self-guided during the session and focus on areas that will help them better interact once they return home.

Educational games emphasizing geography, spelling and arithmetic, are very popular with both parents and their children. The added bonus with all the games is they require reading comprehension and help further literacy gains.

“I have three children who participate in the program—Jacob 7, Ashton, 5, and Kylee, 3. Since my children started attending the sessions they have become more involved in learning,” said program participant Jeanette Myre.

“Jacob is a lot more interested in learning the United States and their capitols; Ashton memorized his shapes and colors; and Kylee learned to count,” she said.

“They all look forward to each session, so excited they are asking for their own iPads. It’s a healthy, educational way to spend extra time with my children. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to participate.”

CITC is working with the Alaska Association of School Boards to measure results and interest to ensure the curriculum has the highest possible meaning for those attending the workshops.

Using iPads with educational apps as teaching tools in the classroom is becoming more popular and effective, recent studies suggest.

For more information or to sign up for the workshop, contact Family and Community Outreach Specialist Ann Lawrence at (907) 793-3281 or alawrence@citci.org.