Where are they now? Lindsey Sam, Recovery Services intern

As the application deadline for the CITC Summer Internship Partner Program approaches, we’re taking this opportunity to look back the first cohort that took part in this program — and checking in with those interns to see what they’re up to one year later.

Lindsey_02Book-learning is important, but it was real-world experience that really locked in what intern Lindsey Sam was learning at UAA as a human services major.

“Through my internship with CITC’s Recovery Services department, I learned so much about substance abuse — everything about intake, case management, assessments,” Lindsey remarked. “Now, when these topics come up in class, I have a really thorough understanding of them because I’ve done the work and learned it on the job. I didn’t even realize how much the internship was teaching me until I came back to class and realized I was already familiar with so much of what we were studying.”

After her internship with the CITC Summer Internship Partner Program, Lindsey has returned to UAA to finish her human services degree and also hopes to secure her Chemical Dependency Counselor certification. Meanwhile, she was hired part-time, immediately following her internship, by CITC’s Recovery Services department as a data specialist. “The position is flexible with my class schedule and it lets me keep my foot in the door for other opportunities with Recovery Services,” Lindsey explained.

She adds that the CITC Summer Internship Partner Program took her beyond the entry-level work she’d done before and prepared her for meaningful work in a professional environment.

“My internship prepared me for more aspects of professional work than I can count,” Lindsey said. “How to prepare for meetings, learning to connect with other departments within the organization — the internship teaches you how to be a good worker.”

Are you interested in a paid summer internship with CITC and its partners? Apply before March 31 to be considered for this year’s program. Learn more here. Contact Nikki Graham at (907) 793-3183 or ngraham@citci.org with questions.