Give a Suit, Change a Life This Summer

NSD_Chanlyut_2017For years, the Men’s Wearhouse National Suit Drive has provided local men and women the means to transform their lives. By donating your gently used professional attire at any Men’s Wearhouse Anchorage location, you can help change a life, too!

They say when you see it, you can be it — and it’s true. “Wearing a nice suit changes the way the men think about themselves,” said Bill Tsurnos, Director of Cook Inlet Tribal Council’s Chanlyut program, where men facing the challenges of addiction, homelessness, and/or reentering society after incarceration receive job training.

“At Chanlyut, change happens from the outside in,” Bill explained. “If the men look good, they feel good, and their behavior changes.”

For many Chanlyut participants, the Men’s Wearhouse suit they receive through the national Suit Drive represents the first suit they have ever worn.

“It’s always been a pair of nice slacks and a button-up shirt for me,” described Kevin Carlson, a Chanlyut graduate who went on to work at CITC and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mechanics. “The last time I wore a tie was in middle school. I didn’t understand the power you put on when you put on a suit.”

You can donate to the Men’s Wearhouse Suit Drive July 1 – 31 at either Anchorage location (Dimond Crossing: 601 East Dimond Blvd. or Tikahtnu Commons: 1130 N. Muldoon Rd., # 110). Give a suit, change a life!