Child Care Center Eases the Work of Finding Work

For those who don’t have childcare, job-searching is made easier by CITC’s drop-in center

Child Care Lead Erin Ausage entertains a child left at the CITC Child Care Drop-In Center, which provides care for children of on-site participants working toward their careers.

At CITC, we like to see people disappear.

“Every time people stop coming in, I start to think they got that job they were looking for,” said Erin Ausage, the Child Care Lead for CITC’s drop-in Child Care Center, which provides quality care for the children of on-site participants. “It’s a good thing when people stop showing up — it often means something positive happened.”

The Child Care Center, located on the first floor of the Nat’uh Service Center, is designed to give parents a helping hand while they’re accessing services at CITC but don’t have a reliable source of childcare. In CITC’s Employment Training and Services Department (ETSD), every day, hundreds of people meet with case managers, receive education or job training, or use the Alaska’s People Career Development Center to search for jobs, create their resumes, and write cover letters. Many of those people are parents or guardians responsible for young children — and as Erin points out, trying to tackle childcare and building a career can be daunting.

“We’re trying to help people do the things they need to do to find and keep a job,” Erin explained. “A big part of that is childcare. Looking for a job is a job itself, so we give people the support they need to do that job.”

In the child care room, which is open to children ages one to 12 (as long as their adults remain on-site at the Nat’uh Service Center), kids have snacks, use art supplies, and do activities with the staff. In October, children who dropped in for a couple hours helped decorate the center for Halloween.

Meanwhile, their parents or guardians can visit other CITC departments undistracted. Many use the drop-in center while they gain job training.

One grandmother who left her grandchildren at the center every afternoon for two weeks straight while she was working toward a certification. “Knowing there was someone to watch my grandkids while I was studying was such a help in me getting back into the workforce, which I haven’t done in years,” she said.

“We’re trying to help people do what they need to do to find a job. A big part of that is childcare. Looking for a job is a job itself, so we give people the support they need to do that job.”

Have kids, but no childcare? Next time you come to the Nat’uh Service Center, consider leaving your children with our qualified staff!

Because the center is in high demand among CITC participants, Erin said, they’re constantly busy. “The place is really popular in the summer time, and in the afternoons. As soon as people know about it, they consistently come back.” The best way to make sure your kids get the care they need? “Come by in the morning, if you can,” Erin advised. “That’s the best time to bring your kids to make sure you get care.”

The CITC Child Care Center can serve a maximum of ten children and limits care for each child to three hours a day. First-time users will be required to fill out registration paperwork. The center is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily, except on Thursdays, when it closes at 3:30 p.m. for cleaning.

For more information, see the program webpage or call (907) 793-3600.