February Job Fair Expected to Draw Crowds

The success of CITC’s annual Job Fair necessitates a move to Northway Mall

CITC’s 2017 Job Fair was such a success — drawing more than 200 job seekers — that the 2018 event is moving to Northway Mall.

After attracting more than 200 job-seekers last year, CITC’s Job Fair is moving to Northway Mall.

The fair, which is happening February 7 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., will offer job opportunities from more than 50 Alaskan employers, including First National Bank of Alaska, village and regional corporations and nonprofits, the Anchorage School District, UPS, Anchorage Convention Center, and those from seasonal industries, like mining, tourism, and fishing.

The fair’s relocation to Northway Mall was necessary, said CITC Job Developer Viola Smith, because last year’s fair was so successful.

“The facility downstairs [at the Nat’uh Service Center] just totally maxed out,” she explained. “We felt like we needed a bigger, more spacious area at that point.”

CITC was able to partner with Northway Mall thanks to Mao Tosi, owner of Big Tosi Management, which manages the mall. Mao is excited to find another way to create opportunities for Anchorage’s underserved communities. With a long history of community work, Mao sees firsthand the need for good jobs — and not just minimum wage jobs that will get an individual by on a temporary basis.

The CITC Job Readiness Fair will also feature a professional clothing giveaway for job seekers who need interview-appropriate outfits.

“The mall is in an area of Anchorage that has one of the higher unemployment rates,” he said. “I see a need to bridge people to employment opportunities. Even here at the mall, the majority of the jobs we can offer are retail, ten-dollar-an-hour jobs. If we can create more opportunities that turn into long-term career paths, or even training opportunities, we can take some of those folks in lower-paying jobs and help them find something better.”

Mao is excited for this opportunity to partner with CITC, too. “With CITC just down the road from the mall, it makes sense. We’ve got the space, we’ve got the parking, we’ve even got places people can go eat after they’re done applying for jobs. We’re kind of a one-stop shop. Plus, we want to be part of the solution for our community.”

In addition to featuring local employers, the CITC Job Fair at Northway Mall will provide information about job training, internships, and more. CITC is also holding a Job Readiness Fair on February 6, from 1 – 4 p.m., at the Nat’uh Service Center. Participants of the Readiness Fair will receive guidance on preparing a professional resume, applying for jobs, and interviewing effectively.

Job seekers who need professional clothing will be able to find something work-appropriate at the Job Fair, too, thanks to CITC’s Professional Clothing Drive, happening through February 7. CITC’s Employment Training and Services Department is collecting gently used men and women’s professional clothing, including ties, shirts, suits, dresses, blouses, slacks, belts, and shoes. (Donations must be clean and can be dropped off on the 3rd floor of the Nat’uh Service Center.)

CITC’s 2018 Job Fair will feature more than 50 employers, including those from seasonal industries like tourism and fishing.

The Job Fair is all about connecting people with good jobs that will hopefully become long-term careers — but Mao foresees a future of partnering with CITC to bring even more opportunities to the Northway Mall area.

“Right now, we’re focused on employment, but I’d like to work with CITC to raise awareness for things like after school programs or family services,” he elaborated. “If this first even is a success, I want to look at helping to open doors for people in this area.”

For now, he’s happy to be bringing businesses to the mall to connect with potential employees. “If the businesses involved see an increase in employment through this fair, then I say, when’s the next one? I hope this strengthens our relationship with CITC so we can do more.”

Join us for the CITC Job Fair on February 7! Learn more here. Have questions or need more information? Contact Viola Smith at vsmith@citci.org or (907) 793-3359.