Dear CITC Partners & Donors …

 As we all navigate the uncharted territory of the COVID-19 public health emergency, I want to update you on CITC’s response and our commitment to fulfilling Our Mission and serving Our People.

Like you, CITC is adapting to this evolving situation each day. We are focused on serving our community in this time of need and this week we began implementing innovative new ways to continue our work. We are taking steps to ensure the health of our participants and staff, including moving the majority of services to a remote delivery model and repurposing our buildings to provide only essential in-person services.

We are focusing every resource we have on protecting our workforce while continuing to safely serve Our People. Our program staff are reaching out to participants to design flexible new plans for continuity of service. We are working hard to remain connected with participants by phone, email, and other online tools.

At this time, the first floor of our Nat’uh Service Center has been repurposed to host essential onsite program work, such as assessments and supportive services. We continue to have presence in every CITC service area, including our residential treatment centers, and we remain committed to safely carrying out our Mission.

The November 2018 earthquake, which displaced us from our headquarters for more than a year, prepared us well for this disruption. By testing new models of program delivery and accessibility, we are now better equipped to serve Our People with greater flexibility.

During these unprecedented circumstances, I want to assure you we are here for our partners as well, and will continue to look for ways to collaborate with you moving forward. Our collective strength comes from our ability to grow closer together in times of duress. We remain committed to you as we work to serve Our People together.

Finally, I am heartbroken for the disruption that this very serious public health crisis is causing our most vulnerable families and communities. In times like this, we must steady ourselves and turn toward that which gives us strength. Our Values. Our Families.

Our sense of kindness, compassion, and love. Great challenges can help us find new strengths within ourselves and gain a new perspective on what matters most to us. This journey of discovery rarely follows a linear path. I know in my heart that we will navigate this crisis, grow together, strengthen our sense of wellness, and continue working for our collective vision of a thriving future.

We’ve set up a special section on our website for information on the latest program updates and information.

All my best,
Gloria O’Neill
Cook Inlet Tribal Council President & CEO