CITC Acquires Alaska Native Hire

Alaska’s People is now home to the web-based job search tool

Since reorganizing in 2019, Alaska’s People has become the go-to resource for people ready to find meaningful employment and career development opportunities. Alaska’s People leverages its array of comprehensive tools and knowledgeable staff to create bridges that take individuals from career-ready to long-term careers.

With the purchase of (ANH), Alaska’s People now has another tool in its arsenal to support job seekers.

“When I came on as director, we immediately started having those conversations — what tools and technology can we leverage that will connect job seekers with employers and help them find meaningful employment?” said Nikki Graham, director of Alaska’s People. “I knew ANH would be an incredible tool to help our people find meaningful employment and career development within CITC and in the community.” is an online resource for connecting job seekers to employers. CITC recently finalized the purchase of Photo courtesy of CIRI.

Originally launched by Cook Inlet Region, Inc., in 2016, ANH was created as an online forum where Alaska Native people could connect directly with employers looking to fill their local hire needs. While the website successfully connected many job seekers and employers, CIRI and CITC leadership concluded that ANH clients would benefit from being connected to CITC’s existing network of employment resources. With a primary focus on employment and career development, Alaska’s People was poised to maximize ANH’s potential.

Alaska’s People reorganized in September 2019 after having been part of CITC’s Employment and Training Services Department for several years. In just four months, Alaska’s People served over 1,900 individuals with workshops, skills training, job placement, internships, and other career connections. Two Alaska’s People job fairs attracted 150 employers and 1,200 individuals, while other job seekers connected with employers through 14 recruitment events organized by the department.

ANH will build upon the existing tools Alaska’s People uses to connect people to jobs. As increasing numbers of workers look for new employment opportunities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ANH can provide an online resource that may allow many job seekers to safely look for employment from the security of their own homes, while accessing virtual assistance from Alaska’s People staff.

At ANH, job seekers can create a profile that highlights their experience, skills, education, and employment history. Employers, meanwhile, can search the database for specific skillsets to fill vacant positions.

For more information about Alaska’s People, visit the department webpage. Or to create your employment profile, visit