Help Us Get Out the Native Vote: Submit Your Video!

Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Inc. (CITC) recently acquired Get Out The Native Vote (GOTNV) as an affiliate non-profit in an effort to bolster GOTNV’s sustainability and expand impact for both organizations. In the current environment, it is a crucial time for Alaska Native people to be civically engaged and vote their voice to have meaningful impact in our communities.

The general election is fast approaching and we need your help. We are asking for video submissions that share your reason for voting. We ask that you shoot a short iPhone video (one minute or less) featuring our theme for this election year: #VoteYourVoice.  Video shooting tips are attached. We encourage you to shoot your video with your “I voted” or “GOTNV” button/sticker/berry bucket and traditional attire is welcomed. Feel free to shoot your video from your home, backyard or while participating in subsistence activities. These powerful messages will be looped together to create an outreach video empowering and encouraging Our People to get out and vote this election season.

Take a look at the attached tips to get help recording your video.

Keywords for inspiration:

  1.         Voice/Heard/Speak Up
  2.         Make a Difference
  3.         Important/Importance
  4.         Exciting
  5.         Be Involved
  6.         Constitutional Rights
  7.         Accountability
  8.         Tribal Sovereignty
  9.         Subsistence Rights/Living
  10.          Protect My Land/My Family
  11.         Honor Grandparents that couldn’t vote/Honor Past Native Leaders
  12.          Stand Up
  13.          Feel Valued/ My Voice Matters
  14.         Voice my Opinion / Choice
  15.          Make Change
  16.          Power to Decide
  17.          Quality of Life
  18.          Pave/Create the Future
  19.          Future for our Youth
  20.          Lead by Example
  21.          Supporting/Supportive
  22.          Strength/Stronger
  23.          Opportunity
  24.          Positive Impact
  25.          Influential
  26.          Avoid Unwanted Consequences
  27.          Stand for my Beliefs/Express my voice/ Share my thoughts
  28.          Endorse/endorsement

Please submit your videos directly to By submitting your video, you agree to its use in a GOTNV promotional video. If you would like assistance in shooting your video let us know so we can arrange a time for a shoot.