2020 CITC President’s Susten Award: Homeless Shelter COVID Response Team

Cook Inlet Tribal Council is pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2020 President’s Susten Award is the Homeless Shelter COVID Response Team:

Wesley Brewington, Peer Support Specialist
Tusi Mareko, Supported Work Experience Coordinator
Ryan Morgan, Courier
Brittany Suralta, Senior Manager, Employment & Training Services

Susten, which is Dena’ina Athabaskan for “breaking trail,” is all about forging ahead, pushing through obstacles, and refusing to give up hope.

At CITC, we break trail — with our programs, policies, people, and goals — so that we can support Our People in achieving their own endless potential. In this work, we are guided by a set of values that are at the core of everything we do. The President’s Susten Award is an annual recognition that celebrates employees for their extraordinary service to CITC’s mission and for going above and beyond to carry out this important work.

When the call for help came to provide emergency services to those impacted by COVID 19 at the Sullivan Arena, members of the CITC Homeless Shelter COVID Response Team responded immediately. Putting humanity first, they responded with compassion and kindness, ensuring that the most vulnerable in our community had access to food, shelter, and clothing. Working closely with the Municipality of Anchorage, non-profit partners, and local businesses, the Homeless Shelter COVID Response Team made a tremendous difference in meeting immediate needs and providing the support needed to make long-term, positive changes in their lives. The team:

  • Provided 234 individuals with emergency services
  • Connected 220 people to Recovery Services treatment options; 41 individuals received assessments, 8 individuals received detox services, and 4 individuals entered into long-term residential treatment
  • Ensured that 111 people received housing assistance
  • Enabled 25 people to obtain employment

CONGRATULATIONS to Wesley Brewington, Tusi Mareko, Ryan Morgan, and Brittany Suralta! We applaud your remarkable commitment to Cook Inlet Tribal Council’s mission and salute your extraordinary contributions to our community.