Recruiting Now: Brew Up a New Job with the Barista Apprenticeship!

Fast-track your way into a job with CITC’s Barista Apprenticeship program!

Right now, coffee shops and cafes across Anchorage have an urgent need for employees. You can guarantee yourself an interview with coffee shops like Starbucks, Kaladi Brothers, and others by completing CITC’s Barista Apprenticeship program, which equips you with all the knowledge you need to qualify for open barista positions.

We are currently recruiting individuals for our Barista Apprenticeship program. Interested? You can apply on the CITC Careers Page.

The Barista Apprenticeship program, run by Alaska’s People, is a hands-on training program through which participants will earn their barista certification and their food handlers card. Barista apprentices work at CITC’s Coho Cup, where they learn the ins and outs of coffee creation. And thanks to Alaska’s People’s relationship with local vendors, baristas who complete the program are guaranteed an interview with local coffee shops for a permanent position.

To enroll in the program, an individual must be 18 years old, have their high school diploma or GED, and be Alaska Native/American Indian. We accept any job experience level, from entry-level to seasoned worker.

Pave the way to your first job, or gain the skills you need to find your next opportunity, with CITC’s Barista Apprenticeship program!

Contact Alaska’s People to enroll now: Call (907) 793-3467 or email Or apply today.