Destiny George: Seeking Better Opportunities

Destiny George, right, works with fellow apprentice Tayler Higgins to create a friction fire during a CITC employee event.

After Destiny George, 19, graduated high school, she knew she had to leave her hometown of Angoon.

“I had an idea that I wanted to live in Anchorage and start fresh and get better opportunities with jobs, because in the village, there’s not much opportunity,” she explained.

But when she relocated to Anchorage in 2020, at first she found herself working retail and not enjoying it.

Then her auntie mentioned CITC.

“I started as an intern, working with Alaska’s People at CITC,” Destiny recalled. “I really loved it — I loved seeing people come through, and I liked having the opportunity to help our people.”

Soon, Destiny joined the Duch’deldih Administrative Apprenticeship Program and transferred to CITC’s affiliate, the Alaska Native Justice Center (ANJC), where she served as the first face people encountered when they came seeking justice-related services.

The advantage for Destiny was clear: Even without a college degree, she gained professional experience upon which she could build a solid career.

But ANJC also benefitted from Destiny’s placement, according to Chris Klabunde, an ANJC program compliance manager who served as Destiny’s mentor.

“Through the Administrative Apprenticeship Program, we get an employee who has some level of training already — and we get them in the position quickly by going through Alaska’s People. That expediency is really helpful for us,” he said. “The front desk is critical; often, that position is dealing with people in crisis. Destiny has been put into challenging positions, and she’s navigated them well.”

As her apprenticeship ended, Destiny was invited to stay on with ANJC, where she continues to connect visitors and callers with ANJC’s services. While college is still a possibility for her, she wants to focus on growing the career she’s in.

“I feel like this is a good fit,” she said. “I hope other young people are inspired to do an apprenticeship because it really can lead you to a higher standard of career. It’s great for your resume.”

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