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In the past, Our People lived almost entirely in small communities that shared a common heritage, language and way of life. Today, many of Our People are part of multicultural and multi-ethnic families, speak English and live in cities far from ancestral homes.

Even as Our People become more diverse in how they live, where they live, and how they look, they continue to be linked by strong family connections, a sense of shared heritage and deeply held cultural values.

While our primary service area is the Cook Inlet region of southcentral Alaska, CITC embraces the contemporary diversity of Our People and welcomes all who come through our doors, regardless of their regional origin or formal affiliation.

We welcome other Native people and their families who have made Anchorage and Cook Inlet their home. We also welcome the families of the individuals we serve, regardless of ethnicity.

Finally, we regard all those who work on behalf of CITC, including our Board and staff—both Native and non-Native—as Our People, as we are all bound together by our common values and shared commitment to our mission and vision.