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What We Do

Established in 1983, CITC serves more than 12,000 people each year through an array of integrated programs in several service areas that help individuals achieve their full potential.

Nurturing Families

Child and Family Services (CFS) provides crisis intervention and a continuum of child welfare services ranging from prevention to family preservation. CFS has multiple service areas, including child abuse prevention, family assessment, an Indian Child Welfare Act help desk, and intensive family preservation.

All of CITC’s strengths-based CFS programs promote positive child development, active family involvement and healthy lifestyles.

Growing Graduates

Our Youth Empowerment Services (YES) encourage academic achievement through a variety of supplemental programs for students of all ages — from elementary school through post-secondary adult training and higher education programs. YES offers educational and cultural programs that enhance students’ academic accomplishments, personal development and career potential.

All YES programs utilize culturally relevant curriculum and teaching techniques that focus on individual student needs. Our services provide comprehensive school-to-life transition planning, and referral and advocacy services for our students and their families.

Workforce Development

Alaska’s People (AKP) works to connect Alaska Native/American Indian people in the Cook Inlet region to employment and training opportunities and actively recruits the best candidates for CITC’s workforce.

AKP focuses on personal and professional development to support individuals in achieving their potential, including financial stability, healthy lifestyles, education and training, cultural and spiritual wellness, and fostering relationships that lead to an individual’s and a family’s success.

Employment and Training Services (ETSD) assist participants in achieving self-sufficiency through finding meaningful and sustainable employment. Participants receive support as they progress through lifestyle changes and enhance their communication, life management, and vocational and academic skills in order to succeed in the professional world.

ETSD also provides strengths-based welfare-to-work case management, supported work experience, child-care financial assistance, vocational rehabilitation, individual development accounts, employment placement referral, career and job counseling, employee recruitment and a one-stop Career Development Center.

Achieving Sobriety

Recovery Services (RS) provide the most comprehensive continuum of substance abuse and re-entry services in the state through three main divisions: residential services, outpatient services and intervention services. Our support services are centered on the System of Care approach, using case management to coordinate care, and work therapy to develop job and life-skills training.

CITC’s Recovery Services are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), and include intermediate residential, outpatient and continuing care treatment services through street outreach, case management, screening and brief intervention, assessment and brief treatment, and emergency care/detoxification.