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Who We Are

Our People have always understood that no one lives in isolation—individuals depend on each other, as well as themselves.

In a world that presents both challenges and opportunities, we must work together, be resilient and treat each other with respect.

Each person has a responsibility to themselves, to their families, and to their community.

As an organization built upon values rooted in Alaska Native cultures, we believe that investing in individual human potential builds human capital, and advances the self-determination of Our People.

All of our programs are steeped in our deeply held belief that true self-determination is grounded in self-sufficiency and the ability to take responsibility for one’s own life, family and community.

CITC collaborates with the eight federally recognized tribes within Cook Inlet region to strengthen program and social services capacity for the region’s tribal communities. The CITC Board of Directors includes a representative from each of the tribes within Cook Inlet region and nine Cook Inlet Region, Inc. representatives.