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Youth Advisory Council

Jobless young adults waiting for a job interview at office of company

CITC established its Youth Advisory Council (YAC) as a commitment to multi-generational programs and the transfer of Alaska Native knowledge and understanding.

The YAC works alongside the CITC Board and President/CEO to bring youth voices and direction into service delivery, furthering CITC’s mission through the  following youth-related priorities:

  • expand our youth-driven programs
  • ensure services develop necessary skills, meet youth’s basic needs, recognize the role of technology in their lives, and partner with families and parents to ensure youth success
  • build capacity in the youth sector to understand and advocate for change in order to accomplish these priorities

The YAC consists of five members who meet in coordination with the President/CEO and staff. YAC members serve one-year terms.


  1. Between the ages of 14 and 24, and
  2. Eligible and qualified Alaska Native or American Indian, and
  3. Be able to show proof of residence in the Cook Inlet Region of Alaska.

Interested in getting involved?

Apply here.

Contact or (907) 793-3467 to learn more.