Working Together to Make a Difference

Collaborative partnerships are critical to CITC’s vision of building human capital by realizing the unique potential of each person

CITC thrives on developing mutually-beneficial partnerships with our stakeholders to develop sustainable solutions that build healthy individuals and strong communities. We welcome your partnership, support and endorsement.

Together, we can achieve the shared vision of our endless potential.

Our People: Our People are CITC’s primary stakeholders and form the bedrock upon which we exist. Our People choose to partner with us to help them achieve their greatest potential and we are careful stewards of this responsibility. The success of Our People is the measure of our success.

Community: Our community partners are local public schools, universities, health care providers and nonprofit organizations. We seek to engage in mutually beneficial relationships that advance our respective missions, further our respective reach and improve our shared community.

Government: We work with all levels of government to foster a better community for all. Our work ripples across our community, Alaska and the nation as a model for innovative, effective solutions that are based on measurable results.

Foundations: CITC partners with foundations to provide innovative, entrepreneurial solutions to complex social problems that affect us all. With the highest commitment to effective leadership, CITC programs focus on demonstrated impact for sustainable social change.

Corporations: By supporting the people in our communities, corporations fuel their own success. We thrive on developing innovative, mutually-beneficial solutions with our corporate community that result in workforce improvement, economic development and opportunities for enhanced corporate visibility.

Individuals: The strength of our community is based on Our People—and all people—coming together. We exist through the shared commitment and dedication of our donors and volunteers who make our shared vision a reality.

Thought Leaders: Securing a place at the table for our voices to be heard has never been more important. CITC leverages our strengths and proven track record on a range of issues to influence practices and policies for everyone we serve. Partnering with thought leaders—people who have a deep impact on the thoughts and attitudes of others, people who shape perceptions and public policy— can help us better achieve our mutual goals.