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Q: What is the CITC “School Within a School” model in the Anchorage School District?
A: CITC’s Educational Services program bridges the world of the Native community and the public school system. Our classrooms are housed within ASD schools and our education team provides creative and culturally relevant relationships, classroom environments and activities that engage students in learning, and extra-curricular events and activities. Promotion of school as a positive, safe and healthy place is an intentional goal of our program.

Q: Are ASD teachers used in CITC classrooms?
A: No. CITC hires and trains its own cohort of state-licensed and highly qualified teachers who are supervised by CITC directly. An on-site team of educators, rather than disparate teachers or individuals working independently, engages our  Alaska Native and American Indian students directly. CITC students and teachers are supported by an academic advocate and site coordinator who address challenges and issues immediately within the school’s infrastructure and dynamic.

Q: What classes are available to CITC students in ASD?
A: Core academic and advanced courses in Math, Science and English help reinforce cultural identity through topics and studies relevant to indigenous Native cultures. Multiple Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) course offerings that nurture the capacity of Alaska Native students to progress through increasingly rigorous achievement levels are available. CITC classes also promote hands-on learning opportunities, excursions and field trips in the Alaska wilderness “classroom.”

Q: Are the NYO Games only for Alaska Native students?
A: No. Junior and Senior NYO events are open to all Alaska young people in grades 1–12, up to 19 years of age, who are current students or are actively pursuing their GED.

Q: Is there a fee for my child to participate in any of the Educational Services programs?
A: There is currently no charge to participate in Partners classes within ASD, or Camp K’Tiya. The fees for NYO and Junior NYO are listed on the registration information area on the NYO Events page.