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CITC-JOM Student Activities Grant Application July 2020

JOM Survey 2020

The Johnson-O’Malley Education program (JOM) offers supplementary, culturally appropriate programs and services that meet the unique and specialized educational needs of Alaska Native and American Indian students enrolled in the Anchorage School District.

JOM works to help students find academic success and graduate from high school by providing support and funding to educators, parents and students through a variety of engaging and culturally relevant activities.

JOM program support includes summer camp and related activities, funding for school supplies and extracurricular fees, bus passes for Anchorage School District (ASD) classes and after-school programs, and tuition for online courses required for high school graduation. The program also directs support to several student-centered initiatives each year, most recently including:

  • Anchorage Realizing Indigenous Student Excellence (ARISE)
  • The CITC Fab Lab
  • NYO Games Alaska


Alaska Native and American Indian students attending classes at ASD schools are eligible. Contact for more information on JOM activities and funding.