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STEM-TC in Willow Crest Elementary and Central Middle School

Our Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Teachers’ Collaborative  (STEM TC) infuses STEM into daily classroom lessons. Our focus is STEM throughout the day; smaller classrooms for more individual attention; infusion of Alaska Native Culture into lessons and projects.

Our class is capped at 30 students.  We have two certified, highly qualified teachers who have a wealth of experience in working with Native Alaskan students. This 15:1 student/teacher ratio ensures that students get individual help, as well as a chance to work cooperatively with other students who share a unique cultural perspective.

CITC classes also have a cultural advisor, who works closely with our instructors to bring cultural knowledge into the classroom utilizing elders from around Alaska. Students will have unprecedented access to new technology, including robotics, the CITC FabLab and engineering kits, while still completing all ASD academic requirements.

Traditional Poster Reference

1) Stories or poems can be written on any part of the poster or as a whole.
2) Research a particular item, seasonal activity, weather, engineering of the various equipment, modes of travel, etc
3) Research the culture as a whole
4) Utilize math to find volumes, proportions, amounts of food stuffs needed per person, angles, how to design and build the equipment, etc
5) Create your own drawing or story