Hitting the Streets to Help the Homeless

What started as a small idea from the Peer Support Group has blossomed into an all-out effort by CITC’s Peer Support Recovery team to lend Anchorage’s homeless community a helping hand. More

Voices for Justice: A Life Transformed

“By the time I got out of prison, I had burned pretty much every bridge,” Jayson admitted. But there was one bridge left: While incarcerated, Jayson had created real, trusting relationships with the staff at the Alaska Native Justice Center. More

Office-Ready at Eighteen

Before even graduating high school, Christopher has learned to be a professional employee. That’s the goal of CITC’s Youth Employment Program, which provides young people with real-world work experience. More

Getting Them While They’re Young

At NeighborWorks, kids engage in games that make bullying real to them. It’s part of the CITC Prevention and Youth Development program’s efforts to reduce suicide rates and provide life skills development among Alaska Native and other at-risk youth. More

CITC Named One of Alaska’s Best Places to Work

For the second consecutive year, Alaska Business Monthly magazine’s Best of Alaska Business awards recognized companies–including CITC–that represent the highest standard in business development, innovation, and service capacity. More

A Place to Succeed

While trying to describe how CITC programs like Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation have affected his life, John Rogers stumbles upon the perfect tagline for the organization: “This is a place where people succeed.” More

Growing Interns, Building Partners

CITC’s Summer Internship Partner Program was built on CITC’s connections with new and existing partners. Now in its second year, the program has expanded opportunities for developing Alaska Native professionals. More