Growing Together

One year after becoming a CITC subsidiary, the Alaska Native Justice Center looks back on its growth — and forward to its next phase. More

Like a Second Family

They say it takes a village, but sometimes it just takes a family — a second family, like the one that helped a Schoolyard student get accepted to college and discover his career path. More

Skills for Life

New Life Skills classes, made possible through a Wells Fargo Economic Opportunity Grant, prep participants for getting a job and coping with life’s challenges. More

No One Does It Alone

The goal of JOM is simple: equip Alaska Native students to achieve academic success through whatever support JOM can provide. The recent JOM graduation celebration recognized graduates–and the families that supported them on their journey. More

From Participant to Employee

You don’t go to your mechanic for an oil change, then end up on the payroll. But when you come to CITC to enroll in Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or to get resume help, there’s every possibility you might end up working here one day. More

Schoolyard Changes Lives

Now at the end of its grant award cycle, CITC’s Schoolyard after-school program has provided a haven where Alaska Native and American Indian students can find more than simple homework help. But that’s all in danger of ending this year. More

New Training Helps Youth Confront Historical Trauma

Historical trauma: It’s the idea that a traumatic experience that happened to one generation can accumulate over years and have a psychological and emotional impact on their descendants. It’s also a concept CITC youth tackled in a recent two-day spring break experience. More

“Not Reinventing the Wheel”

Rather than try to become a service expert in a new area, CITC is partnering with AWAIC to provide on-site domestic violence advocacy and support for CITC participants–demonstrating just how powerful partnership can be. More

Fab on Wheels

“This is my best day ever!” That was the verdict from one Inlet View Elementary third-grader when CITC brought its brand new Mobile Fab Lab to the school for a 3D-printing, laser-cutting, light-box making extravaganza. The Mobile Fab Lab is taking STEM learning on the road, starting with Inlet View. More