Voices for Justice: Cora Moonin

Cora Moonin had sworn to herself that this time, after being in and out of jail since 2013, she would commit to making real change. And she did — with the help of the Alaska Native Justice Center. More

Workshops That Really Work

Before the annual Job Fair, participants attended a three-day workshop that paid off: From just one session, several attendees landed job interviews and four confirmed job offers from the fair. More

Job Fair Opens Paths to New Careers

Outside, the weather was wet and dreary — but inside Northway Mall on September 20, hopes were high for more than 450 job seekers who attended the bi-annual CITC Job Fair. More

How Culture Heals

Growing up, Debra Hersrud moved around a lot. And every community she lived in had one thing in common. “Every place, I had either a friend or acquaintance or someone in the community die by suicide.” More

Waqaa Means “Welcome”

For people using CITC’s recovery services, one man is making Yup’ik-speaking participants feel at home with the simple act of speaking a familiar language. More