K.I.D.S. Toys, Clothing Reaches 6,000+ Children Statewide

This year, Boys and Girls Club, along with 42 other nonprofit and tribal organizations, will receive toys, books and clothing from retailers like American Girl, Mattel, Haddad, Toys R Us and Gymboree—and it’s all thanks to the Kids in Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.) program … More

Recipe for Success

Getting up each day and going to work: It’s what shapes the lives of so many of us. It’s what structures our days and gives us meaning. Sometimes, it’s even what keeps us going More

A Good Job Makes All the Difference

If you want a reliable employee who’s determined to do a good job, says Sam Alston of Builder’s Choice, you could do worse than hire someone from Chanlyut More

Doing the Job Until It’s Done

When Director Bill Tsurnos offered Chanlyut participant Dale Seiser the opportunity to become the manager of the program’s Wholesale Foods microenterprise, Dale’s reaction was immediate: “I said no, no, I don’t want that!” It was a crisis of self-esteem More

Rebuilding the Blocks of Life

“Man, you’re like a little kid playing with building blocks!” a friend once told Israel Soto. “It made sense,” Israel says now. “I would build everything up—my family, my job, everything I wanted—then I’d just tear it down again.” More

One Big Family

For over 30 years, Anchorage School District nurse and NYO volunteer Louise Leonard has been giving back to athletes and coaches at the Games. “Helping each other out, being competitive, and holding each other up—that’s what NYO is all about.” More

Something for Everyone

When Don Rearden was offered a chance to be head coach for the Bethel High School NYO team, it was a dream come true. “I always imagined some day I’d get the chance to coach NYO, and it happened way sooner than I thought it would.” More

Going for the Goal

Yannita Ivanoff of Unalakleet first noticed a new enthusiasm in her son Makiyan when he was in seventh grade. He’d just gotten involved with NYO; although he played basketball, too, NYO practice seemed to have an effect on him no other sport could match. More

A Personal Best

As a girl living in Idaho, Madeline Ko—or Madi—had never heard of the NYO Games. A few years later, and with the help of WEIO champion Erica Meckel, Madi found herself competing in the finals. More

Retailer Helps Chanlyut Men Look as Good as They Feel

It’s no secret that wearing a suit boosts a person’s self-confidence. Men’s Wearhouse again collaborated with CITC’s Chanlyut program to bring no-cost, gently used professional attire to the men of Chanlyut, who are working hard to turn their lives around. More