Never Alone Launches to Worldwide Audience

The much-anticipated video game, Never Alone (Kisima Inŋitchuŋa), is released after more than two years in development. Never Alone Curriculum Guide Never Alone Parent Guide Inspired by traditional Iñupiaq folklore, stories and characters handed down over generations through traditional storytelling, Never … More

Skills, Experience Combine for Meaningful Youth Opportunities

Work-ready internships give students chance to explore interests while fueling CITC’s mission During his sophomore year at West High, Alex Reyes spent a few months working on computers and learning programming through an internship he landed with Cook Inlet Tribal … More

Chanlyut: Repairing Bridges One Family at a Time

Kenny Oder knows the power of family—family standing by you to support your hard work, and family stepping back when you’re hurting yourself and others. “My family’s always been there for me,” he says. “They just wouldn’t have anything to … More

For This Barista, Work is All About the People

Putting his abilities to work by helping others, Lester Sanchez has learned to be his own biggest supporter For Lester Sanchez, a barista for the Coho Cup café in CITC’s Nat’uh Service Center, the coffee—though delicious and expertly made—is secondary. … More

Setting the Example Each Day

With his own life transformation as a compass, Chanlyut program director gives back to community with a focus on service and creating safer neighborhoods Bill Tsurnos knows from experience that when a man leaves prison, the odds are stacked against … More

Partnerships Make The Games Possible

The success of NYO depends upon a generous behind-the-scenes team of sponsors, donors and volunteers Ask nearly anyone involved with the Games, and they’ll tell you: one of the greatest assets young NYO athletes develop by participating in the event … More

Coaching Students for the Games—and Life

Demonstrating through action, Casey Ferguson helps youth see their true potential Twenty-six-year-old Casey Ferguson never met a sport he didn’t like. Growing up in Chevak, he participated in every athletic activity his school had to offer, from cross-country running, to … More

Coach and Principal Embraces Community, Diversity Through NYO

Sportsmanship defines the games for team Valdez The first time Rodney Morrison, NYO Coach and Principal of Gilson Middle School in Valdez, attended the NYO state competition, he witnessed something he’d never seen in 10 years of coaching sports. “One … More