NYO 2017: Youth with a Mission Volunteers

“Our organization loves to do service opportunities where we can reach Alaskans, and Alaska Native culture is really important to us because we see that the people have values that line up with our values.” More

NYO 2017: Cassie Quinn, JNYO Coach

We’re celebrating NYO 2017 by highlighting some of our coaches, teams, athletes, and volunteers, starting with Coach Cassie Quinn from Girdwood School. More

Child Care Assistance Paves Path to New Career

“Hannah was in the same situation as a lot of our participants: She wouldn’t have been able to complete her undergraduate studies without child care assistance.” At CITC, quality, affordable childcare is one more piece in the employment puzzle. More

Giving to Get Back What Matters

People are compelled to give to others for all kinds of reasons, some very personal. For CITC Health Program Manager Mark Hiratsuka, it was the memory of his lost children that moved him to contribute to the Christmas Basket program. More

A Gift of Hope

John Regan is a computer guy. And from his vantage point behind the scenes at CITC, he loves to work a little magic around Christmastime. More

Christmas Basket Empowers Low-Income Families

“Families would tell me they were so empowered to be able to choose what was best for them, thanks to the Christmas Basket program. That was exciting to me, to see those families get that confidence.” More

Setting Them Up for Success

“Alaska’s recidivism rate is 64 percent right now. If I’m in a room of 50 people,” Venus Woods explained, “that means 30 of them are going to be back in jail in the next three years.” More

Saving by Giving

Alaska’s Education Tax Credit allows corporations to reduce their tax burden by investing in Alaska’s future. More