Practice Makes Progress

Lecon “Tim” Chuitt watched a look of horror grow in the eyes of the young mother at his table as her child began to struggle for air. The baby was choking. More

Training Our First Teachers

The Clare Swan Early Learning Center is changing the way early childhood teachers approach the classroom — by encouraging Alaska Native teachers to rely on what their own culture has taught them. More

STEM and Support Through In-School Programs

Whether a student needs a binder, some pencils, a feminine pad, or a pair of black shoes for choir, CITC’s Counselor/Youth Advocate at Central Middle School Natalie Wolgemuth has got it. More

Just a Phone Call Away

Since February 2019, the ANJC Tribal Indian Child Welfare Act Representation program has assisted seven Tribes with a total of 39 cases. More

Voices for Justice: Cora Moonin

Cora Moonin had sworn to herself that this time, after being in and out of jail since 2013, she would commit to making real change. And she did — with the help of the Alaska Native Justice Center. More

Workshops That Really Work

Before the annual Job Fair, participants attended a three-day workshop that paid off: From just one session, several attendees landed job interviews and four confirmed job offers from the fair. More