Going Social

On a typical weekday, the second floor of CITC’s Qech’henu building bustles with Schoolyard activity. Now, in the face of a pandemic, the after-school program is going online to brings its services to students. More

Partner Spotlight: Sealaska Corporation

Developing new strategies for reaching that goal was part of what brought Sealaska representatives to CITC for a tour of the Nat’uh Service Center and the Fab Lab earlier this month. More

Fast Track to the Future

Corey Bunnell’s fear of testing was part of what drove him to drop out of high school. So you might be surprised to find out that when Corey went after his GED — which requires a seven-and-a-half-hour exam — he knocked it out of the park. More

More Than Just Day Care

Evangalyene Rank is only two years old, but she can already recite her ABCs flawlessly. When her older siblings were her age, they hadn’t quite mastered that skill. Evangalyene’s mother, Kellie Rank, attributes the difference to the Clare Swan Early Learning Center. More

Stopping Before They Start

CITC’s Youth Tobacco Prevention program is equipping students to help their peers stop or prevent tobacco use at Burchell High. More

Growing Up CITC

With the support of CITC Education programs, Journey Reeves has a bright future. Four short years ago, though, things were different. More

Practice Makes Progress

Lecon “Tim” Chuitt watched a look of horror grow in the eyes of the young mother at his table as her child began to struggle for air. The baby was choking. More

Training Our First Teachers

The Clare Swan Early Learning Center is changing the way early childhood teachers approach the classroom — by encouraging Alaska Native teachers to rely on what their own culture has taught them. More

STEM and Support Through In-School Programs

Whether a student needs a binder, some pencils, a feminine pad, or a pair of black shoes for choir, CITC’s Counselor/Youth Advocate at Central Middle School Natalie Wolgemuth has got it. More