Reimagining Chanlyut

The landscape of recovery services in Alaska has changed — and so has CITC’s Chanlyut program, by modifying the way it offers individuals a path to sobriety and employment. More

A Listening Ear

As a former CITC employee, professional counselor Alyssa Cotten knows what it’s like to work a high-stress job in service of Our People. Her experience makes her the ideal person to provide mental health support to CITC employees. More

A Lot to Offer

The new job club at Chanlyut’s residential recovery program is just one of several peer-to-peer employment clubs offered at CITC. More

Someone in Your Corner

After taking care of his mother through two years of illness, Certified Nursing Assistant Charles Hacker thought he was down with the health care field. Then he found CITC’s health care training program and launched a new career–and discovered the value of his own sobriety. More