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Creating Change

In 2011, CITC embraced the philosophy of Results Based Accountability (RBA) as the best method for clarifying and measuring the impact of our programs and services within the community.

RBA guides us in looking beyond the short term to relationships that exist between our work and the long-term changes we seek for Our People. CITC strives to accomplish the following outcomes as we work towards a stronger, more just society for all Alaska Native people:

  • Self-Esteem and Cultural Identity: We strive to ensure that CITC’s programs and advocacy help bring about a community in which strong self-esteem and pride in our Alaska Native identity and heritage is widespread.
  • Self-Sufficiency: With a reduced reliance on entitlements, we strive to ensure that our programs and advocacy efforts capitalize on the collective endless potential of Our People, and create a community in which individuals take responsibility for themselves and each other, without depending on entitlements that undermine self-reliance. 
  • Health and Stability of Families: Linked to each other and the community through strong reciprocal connections, we strive to ensure that our programs and advocacy efforts foster a network of healthy, loving families that nurture and support Our People, especially our children.
  • Increased equity and social Justice: Realizing that some of the challenges the Alaska Native community faces are grounded in attitudes and systems that perpetuate racism and prejudice, we strive to ensure that our programs and advocacy efforts actively challenge and reform attitudes and systems that hold Our People back.

At CITC, we understand that self-determination can only arise from sustained self-sufficiency. It requires the opportunities and means to pursue specific goals, coupled with freedom from constraints, imposed dependencies, and self-limiting attitudes and behaviors.

For individuals, this means having access to opportunities, and having the self-confidence, skills and education needed to pursue them. For CITC, self-determination means having and sustaining the human and financial capital to effectively fulfill our mission and move confidently toward our vision.