Community Impact

2020 CITC Partnership Report

CITC 2020 Community Impact Report

At CITC, we connect our participants to opportunities to fulfill their potential. Here’s how we do it.

Over the last 35 years, CITC has grown into one of the nation’s leading culturally responsive service organizations. Individuals and families who come to CITIC looking for help finding a job, for example, might also walk away with child care resources, recovery help, afterschool tutoring for their kids, and more. Each time an individual reaches their potential through partnering with us, that’s another person who will ensure that Alaska Native people will continue to thrive and design their own future.

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Educational Services

Youth Empowerment

Each year, our Youth Empowerment Services provide more than 2,000 students with culture-based Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) classes through a variety of in-school, after-school, and camp programs.
students served
through aligned educational services in 2020.
High school seniors in CITC classes achieved a
graduation rate
for the 2018 – 2019 academic year.
Our students received
hours of tutoring
in after-school programs.
Youth spent
creating STEM-based projects in the CITC Fab Lab.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Youth Empowerment Services (YES) staff used CITC Fab Lab’s laser cutters and 3D printers to produce rigid masks that, when fitted with the right kind of filter, were used in place of N95 respirators. YES also produced medical-grade masks for Southcentral Foundation, the Alaska Native Medical Center, and CITC’s Tribal partners.

Behavioral Health

Providing Hope

CITC Recovery Services (RS) provides comprehensive treatment to assist individuals within all stages of recovery from substance abuse or addiction and support for those reentering society after incarceration or homelessness.
found hope through the RS continuum of care in 2020.
reached through Peer Support events in 2020, including youth prevention, prison in-reach and opioid prevention coalitions.
of those served
reported improved social connectedness six months after receiving outpatient treatment.
new individuals
served through residential services.

The revised Chanlyut program provides a stepping stone between long-term residential care and outpatient recovery services.

Child & Family Services

Strengthening Families

Child and Family Services (CFS) is dedicated to promoting safe, secure, and healthy families who nurture future generations by learning new skills to improve relationships and establish healthy behavioral practices.
gained parenting skills or received other services through our Child and Family programs in 2020.
families strengthened
after receiving services that promote safety and well-being for the entire family.
families received
emergency food, shelter, transportation, technology, and other household needs through CITC's Participant Emergency Fund.

When the COVID-19 pandemic prevented in-person meetings, CITC’s Child & Family Services began conducting visits virtually and providing families with activity boxes they could use at home.

Employment & Training Services

Workforce Development

Through Employment and Training Services, people find more than jobs: They find the skills development, support networks, job coaching, and specialized classes—from health care courses to GED prep—to become fully self-sufficient.
served through training
and supportive work services in 2020.
people started new jobs,
including 201 people who moved from temporary assistance to employment.
from 244 families served through CITC’s drop-in child care center.
Participant wages increased by
per hour on average.
started training
for new health care careers.

At the onset of the pandemic, Andrea and Richard were homeless but had the desire for change. CITC’s Employment & Training Services Department was able to quickly arrange for transitional housing and help find job placements. It was the type of hand-up they needed to propel their lives in a hopeful new direction.

Clare Swan Early Learning Center

Combining the strengths of the Early Head Start educational model, the Clare Swan Early Learning Center (CSELC) provides for the needs of working families with child care through an Early Head Start curriculum emphasizing the importance of responsive and caring relationships to support the optimal development of infants and toddlers.
ages 0–3 enrolled in the Clare Swan Early Head Start Center in 2020.
CSELC teachers
earned their certifications for Infant-Toddler Child Development.
enjoyed social support and cultural activities at CSELC Family Nights.

Clare Swan Early Learning Center staff provided 49 families with a month’s worth of groceries and demonstrated how to use simple ingredients to prepare a variety of meals.

Alaska Native Justice Center

The Alaska Native Justice Center (ANJC) works toward change for the individual and the system: Our family law, victim assistance, and recovery/reentry services address the needs of Alaskans interacting with the justice system, while our advocacy within the justice system aims to make lasting change for the benefit of Alaska Native people and others.
served through all ANJC programs in 2020.
served through advocacy efforts.
found legal help through family law services.
clients served
through Restorative Justice services.

ANJC’s new Court Kiosk is a unique resource for individuals who need to appear in court virtually or work on legal documents.