Youth Confront Climate Change in Alaska

…otential future leaders learn about Alaska Native people. They got to be immersed in our culture and history from day one, and the thought that these kids might one day help preserve Alaska Native people’s way of life in this ever-changing environment really makes our participation in the BELL camp a… More

Youth Employment Program Internship

…m (YEP) is a 10-12 week paid internship for young people ages 14-24 to gain valuable work experience, set goals, and develop the skills necessary to succeed in future careers. Youth Services offers three sessions during the year – Spring, Summer, and Fall. YEP interns can be placed in positions throu… More

LeeAnn Garrick Joins CITC as COO

…helping to envision a future where Alaska Native people not only survive, but also thrive. “With her unique lens, LeeAnn will help us identify and execute strategies that benefit our participants through increasingly more accessible, responsive and effective programs,” said CITC President and CEO Gl… More

Life Skills: Success Workshop

Success workshop is a class on what successful people do on a daily basis. This class will offer tips on creating success and how to be successful on the job. This class is useful in helping people to develop the habits and routines that will help them better handle change and rough times and to be… More

Prepared for the Next Challenge

…gues from home, though. It’s another to serve the people who rely on your programs to meet their needs. Senior Program Manager Marlene Mack knew that the individuals she serves — victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking — would need ANJC now more than ever. “Our first conce… More

A Place to Succeed

…ITC,” he said, then added: “This is a place where people succeed.” John’s own path to success started with burnout. He had always worked physically demanding jobs in the past, including back-of-the-house positions at restaurants like Sullivan’s Steakhouse — which meant long hours on his feet. But he… More

From “Dependent” to Doctor

…ear that a lot,” Brittany added, “especially from people who are going to school, who want to do better for their family. They don’t want to have to rely on CITC later on, so they do it now to get to a place where they can support themselves.” In Hannah’s case, her family was watching her children —… More

Youth Recovery Services

…th Recovery Services provides treatment for young people facing substance-related disorders (Ch’Wala is Dena’ina for “branch”) . Our programming is individualized and builds on the belief that every person has the desire and capacity for growth and change. Our 16-week outpatient and intensive outpati… More

Vote at CITC

…ease voter registration and empower Alaska Native people to become more civically involved in every level of government. By serving as a polling place this year, CITC hopes to make in-person voting even more accessible and convenient for Our People. You may absentee vote at CITC starting Oct. 19; vot… More

From Addiction to the Dean’s List

….” –Jasmine McAuley The program at ETC works with people who have addictions and, as a co-occurring disorder facility, also works with individuals who have mental health disorders. The average length of treatment is about six months. Before ETC, Jasmine’s tenure with drugs had been a long one. Jasmin… More