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final_k_badge_arise_200x200Anchorage Realizing Indigenous Student Excellence, or ARISE, is a data-driven, collective-impact initiative among stakeholders committed to improving outcomes for Alaska Native students in the Anchorage School District (ASD) who continue to experience disproportionate academic outcomes.

The initiative is anchored by staff based at CITC, but draws on the strength of many community partners to identify goals, baselines, and plans of action.

ARISE is a community partnership of diverse stakeholders who envision a future when, from cradle to community, every Alaska Native child leads a healthy and empowered life with access to unlimited opportunities.

Together, the partners ariseidentified three focus areas and nine community-level outcomes as key benchmarks in a child’s development that need improvement to support the success of Alaska Native youth. Anchored by Cook Inlet Tribal Council, the initiative has three overall goals to ensure Alaska Native children are empowered and nurtured to:

  • make successful academic transitions
  • achieve social and emotional well-being
  • know who they are, their heritage, culture and role in their community

Become a part of the ARISE vision by joining the Leadership Council or a Collaborative Action Network, by sharing your data or research with the Data Committee, or by contributing to ARISE’s long-term sustainability.

For more information, please visit ARISE or email

ARISE 2015 Baseline Report