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Trivia Quiz

NYO3_024CITC Trivia Quiz

1. In what year was Native Youth Olympics (NYO) inducted into the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame?

  • A. 1999
  • B. 2012
  • C. 2016

2. Which of the following is NOT a service offered by Cook Inlet Tribal Council’s (CITC) Youth Empowerment Services (YES) department?

  • A. Techno-culture camp
  • B. Before-school breakfast
  • C. After-school STEM and cultural programs

3. What world record did NYO Head Official Nicole Johnston hold for 25 years?

  • A. One-Foot High Kick
  • B. Two-Foot High Kick
  • C. Alaskan High Kick

4. Which of the following traditional games is featured only at Junior NYO?

  • A. Arm Pull
  • B. Scissor Broad Jump
  • C. Eskimo Stick Pull

5. Last year, 137 NYO athletes reported that they spend how many hours each week practicing for NYO?

  • A. 2 – 3 hours
  • B. 6 – 10 hours
  • C. 12 – 15 hours

6. In what event did Madeline Ko, of the Tanana Chiefs Conference NYO team, set both a new NYO record and a new world record last year?

  • A. Scissor Broad Jump
  • B. Two-Foot High Kick
  • C. Seal Hop

7. On which social media platforms can you follow CITC?

  • A. Pinterest
  • B. Instagram
  • C. Snapchat

8. Which youth employment opportunity does CITC NOT offer?

  • A. Paid summer internships
  • B. Work readiness training and career assessment
  • C. Babysitter training

9. What is the name of this year’s special NYO canine guest?

  • A. Spit Spot
  • B. Slap Shot
  • C. Swivel Shot

10. Which team won last year’s Gloria Walker Team Sportsmanship Award?

  • A. Unalaska
  • B. Dillingham
  • C. Anchorage Team A