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Academic Excellence Awards

You can win $1,000 towards your school NYO program!

NYO_academicExcDear Coaches, Teachers, and NYO Partners,

As we all know, the NYO Games play a critical role in encouraging our youth to lead healthier lives and make better choices for their future. In a survey of participating NYO athletes, 73 percent cited NYO as an incentive to stay in school, and 69 percent indicated improved and/or consistent grades in order to continue participation in NYO.

To celebrate the importance of education for our youth and the critical role NYO has in improving academic performance, we award an annual recognition through the NYO Academic Excellence Award. The Academic Excellence Award will be given to the team with the highest cumulative GPA, and will be presented with a commemorative plaque and $1,000 towards their NYO school program.

To participate, coaches must present copies of official academic transcripts (cumulative for the current academic year) for every student on their team or a letter from the school principal with verification of the team GPA (with all athlete names listed) by 5 p.m., Thursday, April 23. The Academic Excellence Award will be presented Friday, April 24 at 2:30 p.m. (immediately following the Celebration of high school and GED graduates).

Transcripts may be submitted on-site at NYO registration table.

For more information, please contact nyo@citci.org, or call (907) 793-3412.