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Welcome to the 2022 NYO Games! We are pleased to announce the 2022 statewide Senior Games will return to an in-person event at the Alaska Airlines Center in Anchorage April 21-23. We are excited to support and celebrate all our student athletes after the global pandemic forced NYO into a virtual event the past two years.

The Senior Games are open to all Alaska students in grades 7–12 with a maximum age of 19. Participation is limited to one boy and one girl athlete per event, per team.

Visit the NYO website and Facebook for videos, photos, and other NYO Games information. Please contact NYO Coordinator Adele Villa with any questions or comments.

Special Offers

Get Your 2022 NYO Apparel!

Once again, new NYO apparel is available throughout the event. This year’s hoodies are available in hunter green and t-shirts are available in red. Adult and child sizes are available. We also have NYO bandanas! Visit our merchandise booth at the 2022 NYO Games at the Alaska Airlines Center on the University of Alaska Anchorage campus.

Travel Discounts

Alaska Airlines offers a discount on all published fares to Anchorage from any Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air for travel dates on April 16 – 30 using the discount code ECME135. The code is activate and is available for booking.

To use your discount code, go online to alaskaair.com and input the above discount code when searching for flights. The discount will be applied to any flights meeting the contract parameters. By clicking the “?” next to the discount code box after entering the code, you can view a detailed description of the rules.

You and your guests may also use the discount code by calling Alaska Airlines Group Desk; however, a $15.00 per person service fee will apply. Please check your contracts for validity dates, rules and restrictions.

Anchorage Accommodations

Thanks to Visit Anchorage for providing discount hotel availability in Anchorage for the 2022 NYO Games. Please see the NYO Senior Games Rate Sheet for list of Anchorage hotels offering discounted accommodations during the Senior Games along with links for booking instructions.

Learn More About the Games

For thousands of years and countless generations, survival for Alaska Native people depended not only on individual strength, skill and knowledge, but also on the ability to work together toward common goals.

Traditional athletic contests and games helped develop these and other skills critical to everyday life in the challenging Alaska environment. Today’s NYO Games Alaska carries on in this spirit by encouraging young people to strive for their personal best while helping and supporting their teammates—even other teams.

Today’s world is very different than when these games originated, and the skills and values they instill are just as important now as then. NYO Games Alaska is one of a small handful of events—along with the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics (WEIO) and the Arctic Winter Games—based on these traditional northern latitude contests.


While WEIO is limited to Native athletes, NYO Games Alaska and the Arctic Winter Games are open to all participants, as a way of sharing and celebrating Native traditions.

Competitive Events

For details and a step-by-step how-to video for each event, click on the links below. You can download each video, or to request a thumb drive pre-loaded with all 13 videos, contact nyo@citci.org or (907) 793-3413.

* Senior Games only
**Junior Games only

Storytelling & Social Media


For the first time in two years, student athletes, coaches, officials, parents, and spectators are reunited for NYO 2022, happening in-person at the Alaska Airlines Center in Anchorage, April 21 – 23.

NYO Builds Confidence

“The most important thing about JNYO is that you are active.” Fifth-grader Eve Schlotthauer shares how NYO has boosted her confidence. Read her story.

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Relive the action online at the 2022 Virtual NYO Games Facebook page.

Support The Games

Each year, more than 2,000 students from more than 50 communities across Alaska participate in the JNYO and NYO Games Alaska. Hosting NYO is a team effort, made possible by individuals and businesses who donate their time, talent and funds to NYO each year.

Join us! Together, we will carry on this cherished community event that celebrates Alaska’s rich heritage and builds tomorrow’s leaders.

To learn more about ways you can support NYO, please contact Development Director Kelly Hurd at (907) 793-3272.

Thank you 2021 Sponsors!


SILVER MEDAL ($10,000+)

BRONZE MEDAL ($5,000+)