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Alaskan High Kick

A36014_AK_HighKick_01A tour-de-force of body and mind, the Alaskan High Kick is one of the most elegant and photographed events of the games.

To prepare for the kick, athletes sit on the floor and balance on one foot while reaching across the torso to hold the other foot. Leaning back on the opposite hand, athletes thrust the balancing foot straight up to kick a suspended ball, then land on the kicking foot—without losing balance.

The ball is raised in increments of four inches after each round. Each athlete is allowed three attempts at each height. When all but three athletes have been eliminated, the ball is raised in one-inch increments until there is a winner.

You can also download the Alaskan High Kick video (18mb).

State Records

Boys 93”

Andrew WhiteLKSD2009
Yako McCarrLKSD2010

Girls 83’’

Autumn RidleyAnchorage2014