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Arm Pull

JRNYO_arm_pullTwo athletes sit on the floor facing each other with one leg over and one leg under their opponent’s legs. Using the arm on the same side of the leg positioned over the opponent’s leg, the athletes lock arms inside of the elbow.

The free hand is placed on the opponent’s ankle or foot, and upon a signal from the floor official, they begin pulling straight back with no jerking, re-gripping or twisting allowed. The athlete must pull until their opponent’s arm straightens or they pull their opponent toward them.

In the second round, athletes alternate arm and leg positions. At no time can the athletes pulling arm rest or touch their knee or leg during the pull. Athletes who re-grip or let go of their opponent’s ankle or foot, will lose the round. Athletes must win two of three rounds to win the match. In the event of a tie, the official will flip a coin to determine arm position for the final round.

The Arm Pull is a double elimination event, and there is no weight class. Only Junior athletes compete in the arm pull.

Historically, the Arm Pull was played to test individual strength.

You can also download the Arm Pull video (21mb).