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Eskimo Stick Pull

A36014_EskimoStickPull_02The Eskimo Stick Pull is a contest of sheer strength and determination.

Two contestants sit on the floor facing each other, the soles of their feet touching. Feet must be parallel and together, with knees bent at a 45-degree angle. Barehanded, with palms facing the floor, contestants firmly grasp a stick placed between them (A coin toss determines which contestant has the inside or outside hold on the stick.)

At an official’s signal, contestants try to pull the stick away from their opponent without jerking or resetting their grip. To win a round, athletes must pull their opponent from the floor, or cause them to fall over sideways or release their grip. Hand positions are alternated between rounds. The winner of two rounds takes the match and moves to the next heat.

Traditionally, the event was used as practice for pulling seals from the ice.

There are no record holders for this event.