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Indian Stick Pull

A36014_IndianStickPull_03Smaller athletes can prevail over much larger opponents in the Indian Stick Pull. Contestants stand next to each other facing in opposite directions, and each place their near foot forward and alongside the outside of their opponent’s.

Athletes’ feet must be kept on marked positions, and no other body contact is allowed. With their near arms held down, contestants grab the opposite end of a tapered and greased wooden dowel. On the start signal, athletes attempt to pull the stick from their opponent’s hand.

During the competition, the stick cannot be raised any higher than the tallest opponent’s shoulder. No body contact is allowed. Jerking, twisting or turning the stick is allowed, and feet must remain in place on the floor. Movement of the feet will result in the player losing that pull.

The contestant who forces the dowel from their opponent’s hand wins the round. Matches consist of three rounds—first with the right hand, then with the left; the third round (if needed) occurs with the hand determined by a coin toss. The winner of two rounds takes the match and moves to the next heat.

The Indian Stick Pull represents grabbing a slippery salmon, and was used traditionally to develop hand and arm strength.

There are no record holders for this event