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Kneel Jump

A36014_kneel_jump01When it comes to the Kneel Jump, appearances are deceiving, as it is impossible to predict winners based on physique. Athletes start in a kneeling position, with the tops of their feet flat on the floor, and then jump up and forward.

Athletes must land on both feet simultaneously and remain in that position without moving and without otherwise touching the floor. Each athlete is allowed three attempts. The winner is the contestant who jumps the greatest distance.

Historically, the Kneel Jump was a game used to strengthen the leg muscles for jumping from ice floe to ice floe, and for lifting prey after a successful hunt.

You can also download the Kneel Jump video (12mb).

State Records

Boys 67"

Dylan MagnusenUnalaska2013

Girls 55 1/2"

Apaay CampbellBSSD2013