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One-Foot High Kick

A36014_OneFootKick_07The One-Foot High Kick demands great flexibility and leg strength.

From a standing or running start, athletes jump with both feet, kick a suspended ball with one foot, then land on the kicking foot—without losing balance (they may hop several times on the kicking foot to regain balance).

The ball is raised in increments of four inches after each round, and each athlete is allowed three attempts at each height. When all but three athletes have been eliminated, the ball is raised in one-inch increments until there is a winner.

In many cultures, the One-Foot High Kick was used for signaling a successful hunt.

State Records

Boys 114”

John Miller IIIBarrow2003
Tim FieldNWABSD2009
Stuart TowarakBSSD2013

Girls 92”

Miriam WamsleyValdez2012