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Scissor Broad Jump

JRNYO_broad_jumpThe Scissor Broad Jump requires athletes to make four continuous hops/steps without losing balance.

Athletes will have three attempts to achieve their longest jump. Measurements will be taken to the ¼-inch from the heel of the foot closest to the starting line. Athletes can use shoes, mukluks or bare feet. There is a 1-minute time limit. The sequence of hops/steps is as follows:

  1. Starting from a standing position, with both feet parallel, athletes will jump forward simultaneously off both feet.
  2. Land on one foot. Either foot is acceptable.
  3. Keeping forward momentum, swing the free leg behind the leg that was landed on and shift your weight to it so that the foot you landed on is now free. Note: When crossing your leg behind the landing leg, do not swing or move your body to one side and make sure to maintain forward momentum. You must show your cross-over around the leg you land on, not just behind the foot. No double pump of the knee. Keep shoulders square.
  4. Jump forward with the free foot.
  5. Then jump forward to a two foot landing position. The body must be facing forward when landing. Do not move either foot and if any part of the body touches the floor it will counted as a scratch in the attempt. Movement must be continued throughout the entire jump. Stopping will result in that attempt being considered a scratch.

The athlete who jumps the farthest distance wins.

Traditionally, the Scissor Broad Jump was used to practice balance needed when jumping on ice flows, and to keep warm.