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Wrist Carry

A36014_wrist_carry_01The Wrist Carry is tailor-made for small, strong athletes who also have a will of iron.

Starting from a sitting position, athletes hook one wrist over the middle of a long pole held by two carriers.

Without touching the pole or floor with any other part of the body, athletes suspend themselves off the pole and maintain the position while being carried over the course until they can no longer hold their own weight. Carriers may walk or run through the course.

The athlete covering the greatest distance while suspended wins.

The Wrist Carry represents the significance of a successful hunt and traditionally tests the strength and endurance of hunters, while showing appreciation for the animal giving itself.

State Records

Boys 730' 6"

Joshua HughesMat-Su2014

Girls 662’ 4”

Lyndsey MerculiefAnchorage2006