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Each year, more than 2,000 students from more than 50 communities across Alaska participate in the JNYO and NYO Games Alaska. Hosting NYO is a team effort, made possible by individuals and businesses who donate their time, talent and funds to NYO each year.

Join us! Together, we will carry on this cherished community event that celebrates Alaska’s rich heritage and builds tomorrow’s leaders.

  • Corporate Sponsorships:
    NYO Games reinforce important values such as teamwork, work ethic, and diversity—values that make strong communities and tomorrow’s leaders. We invite our corporate community to join us in hosting the NYO Games. In turn, you will receive excellent recognition for your contribution while making an important investment in Alaska’s greatest resource—our youth!
  • Alaska Education Tax Incentive
    Realize substantial tax savings when you give to NYO. Recent legislation now provides Alaska companies paying certain taxes (corporate income, mining license, oil and gas property, oil and gas production, fisheries business and fisheries resource taxes) with substantial tax credits when making donations to educational support, Alaska Native cultural or heritage programs—like NYO. For example, the net cost of a $10,000 donation is only $3,250 after state and federal tax savings. Realize substantial tax credit savings today while supporting our NYO champions.
  • Donate
    NYO Games are made possible by community donations and serve students of all cultures. Your gift of any size is appreciated and makes a difference in strengthening our community and building tomorrow’s leaders. Support our youth today!
  • Send an E-Card to your NYO Hero!
    Show your support through a personalized E-Card sent directly to your NYO athlete or your own personal hero (minimum $10 donation). Thank you for your support of our young champions through your tax-deductible gift—it’s an investment in the future!
  • Volunteer
    Hosting NYO is a team effort, made possible by hundreds of volunteers who donate their time and talent to prepare for and carry out the Games. Learn more about exciting ways to support our youth today.

To learn more about ways you can support NYO, please contact Development Director Kelly Hurd at (907) 793-3272.