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billt_smile“We all worked together, persevered and never lost sight of our goal. We learned we could accomplish anything we set our hearts and minds to.”

— Bill Tsurnos
Chanlyut Director


Chanlyut is open to all men ages 18 and older who genuinely want to change their lives, and are ready to work hard to take accountability for their lives.

The program is open to applicants of any ethnicity, though the program is particularly sensitive to and culturally relevant for Alaska Native men. Applicants must be physically and mentally able to work.

Chanlyut is unable to accept applicants with convictions for arson or sex offenses, or who require medication for mental illness.


Chanlyut residents are charged no fees to enter the program, and receive food, housing, clothing, education and all other services at no cost.


Submit a letter of interest to Chanlyut Program Director, Bill Tsurnos, at the below address. Bill will arrange an in-person interview to determine whether Chanlyut is right for applicant and applicant are right for Chanlyut:

3149 Mountain View Drive
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

or call:

CITC Recovery & Re-entry Services
(907) 793-3200

Chanlyut program brochure