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Working With Alaska’s Legal System

“Allowing those who want to improve their lives to do so with a self-governing structure ensures long-lasting results, and results in productive and important members of our community.”

— Sen. Mark Begich


Chanlyut’s residential zoning allows residency by felons and misdemeanants as a condition of probation or parole. The program is not a Community Corrections Residential Center (CCRC) or state-approved residential substance abuse treatment program.

Chanlyut provides sober support, as well as behavioral change strategies and structures designed to address the needs of those who have not been successful in traditional treatment programs.

Chanlyut will immediately notify the court and probation of any violations of probation or parole terms, and works closely with the Department of Corrections in regard to probationers and parolees.

Chanlyut has greatly expanded its community network, with referrals coming from the Alaska Court System, Alaska Department of Community Corrections: Probation and Parole, Alaska Native Medical Center, Alaska Native Veterans, Anchorage Jail, Arizona Red Rock Correctional Center, Beans Café, Brother Francis, Federal District Court, Idaho Corrections, Kenai Wildwood Correctional Center, Nugent’s Ranch, Office of Children’s Services, Palmer Correctional Facility, Park View Center, Pathways, Southcentral Foundation and Spring Creek Correctional Facility