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ETC Residential Inpatient

Utilizing a therapeutic “Village of Care” model, the Residential Inpatient program is a 12-bed residential unit at the Ernie Turner Center.

Through a six-month stay at the Ernie Turner Center (ETC), participants receive mental health and substance-abuse counseling, group therapy and case management services, all of which are steeped in Alaska Native values. Within the Village model, ETC uses gentle persuasion methods while maintaining a strict non-violence atmosphere.

The center offers an extended family environment where individuals work together to support recovery through cooperation and teamwork. In the Village philosophy, sobriety is understood to involve the whole person, and spiritual needs are addressed as part of recovery.

Through daily work therapy, participants gain valuable skills for independent living.


Individuals with mental health disorders and/or addictions who have been recommended for inpatient treatment, as well as those who are experiencing chronic homelessness; the average length of treatment is about six months; for more information, please call the Ernie Turner Center at (907) 550-2400.