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ChWala Youth Outpatient Overview

Ch’Wala Youth Recovery Services provides treatment for young people facing substance-related disorders (Ch’Wala is Dena’ina for “branch”) . Our programming is individualized and builds on the belief that every person has the desire and capacity for growth and change.

Our 16-week outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment is available for all adolescents aged 12 – 25. During this time, individuals experience interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and integrated mental health and substance abuse services.

Programs incorporate recovery skills, family night groups, and group therapy focused on relapse prevention. Program participants are also provided individual substance use counseling and mental health counseling. In addition, they have access to a variety of additional services and resources, including: tobacco counseling; peer support; coordinated services involving the Anchorage School District, Division of Juvenile Justice; medical and mental health providers; and case management services as needed.


Youth services are open to adolescents of all racial and ethnic backgrounds; however, it is culturally reflective for Alaska Native/American Indian participants.

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